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More details on second BioShock 2 released, including that it is not coming out this week

by: Chuck -
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The second DLC pack for BioShock 2, called the Rapture Metro Pack was kind of maybe supposed to come out this week but 2K Games sent word today that the pack has been pushed back a bit to sometime in the future.   While disappointing they did release two new screenshots and mention that the pack will set you back $9.99/800 MS points and will include six new multiplayer maps and the ability to win three new achievements/trophies.

The new DLC will also allow level 50 characters to to rank back down to level 1 in exchange for a special mask.  I'm not sure of the appeal of losing a lot of hard work for a gaudy decoration but then again I haven't ventured into the multiplayer portion of the game yet.  Let me know if it's worth it in the comments.