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Weird stuff we get in the mail: Dead Space 2

by: Chuck -
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The grand life of a running a game website is replete with fun things like E3 all nighters, dealing with drunk journalists and PR people on junkets, and getting odd stuff in the mail.  Yesterday we received the following package in the mail from Visceral Games.  How do we know it was Visceral games?  Because they put their name and logo on the outside of the envelope. 

I know you're thinking "Well that's like the worst ARG start ever" and honestly it didn't matter because looking at the contents of the envelope gave away the game anyway as inside was tucked a nice Rorschach test paper which looked a lot like the visor from Dead Space.  However taking the document into a darkened room shows that there's a ton of glow in the dark text out around the outside of the picture (cool stuff). 

Also included was a note from the desk of Dr. Samara Yasmin which includes a code that indicates that more info is coming this Thursday (I cheated at used the Joystiq link that pointed me to Unfiction's tracking page).  This would lead me to think that we're getting more info on Dead Space 2 this Thursday, possibly on this week's episode of GameTrailers.TV.

I will note that the one we received was numbered 0001/23000 which means we were either shipped the first or last one.