Red Dead Redemption multiplayer modes revealed

by: Tina -
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Rockstar has just announced the various competitive multiplayer modes that will be available to Red Dead Redemption players. Gameplay modes vary from the typical matches in shooter games to some qualities unique to the Western theme. These include Shootout mode of a fight to the death in either solo or team based matches, a version of capture the flag entitled Hold Your Own, and securing bags of gold in Gold Rush.

What I find most intriguing, however, is how the Dead Eye feature will play out in multiplayer. We’re told that it will play “a big role,” but I wonder how that will bode for the pace of the game. I’m used to fast-paced rounds of fire fights, but I’ll be interested to see how a slowing down of time to aim shots at multiple enemies will pan out and if that will pan out fairly or otherwise.

The video posted below will show you some of the game’s multiplayer features, including the very cool standoff that begins each round to determine who gets priority access to the best sniping spots on the map. Weapons and accessories – including being able to ride horseback while shooting – make the gameplay look quite enticing. I’ll be anticipating the release of this game on May 18th.

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Today we're proud to present Red Dead Redemption's competitive multiplayer modes. The innovative competitive multiplayer modes in Red Dead Redemption combine classic multiplayer challenges with the massive open terrain of the Wild West. Each match begins with a tense standoff, where the last man or team standing gains a head start on the best sniper location, weapon, or hideout. Every match takes advantage of a specially designed town or landmark, where players can enter via a meeting point or playlist.

Players have the option to face the territory alone or as part of a posse with team-based or solo matches. In Shootout, players face off against each other or rival posses in a match to the death. Catch gold fever in Gold Rush, as each player must capture as many bags of gold and bring them to strategic drop off locations. Teamwork is crucial when playing Hold Your Own, Red Dead Redemption's spin on capture the flag, as well as Grab the Bag.

Weapons and ammunition are scattered around the map, while completing weapons challenges with tiers and headshots yields a golden version of that gun. Dead Eye plays a big role in multiplayer, letting you paint multiple targets for quick, satisfying kills.

Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer modes offer new, thrilling ways to experience the most ambitious game of 2010.