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Lost Planet 2 multiplayer demo available today or tomorrow

by: Chad -
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The Lost Planet 2 multiplayer demo is being made available for everyone to try.  You can download it today on Xbox Live and tomorrow on PSN.  Players will have a chance to experience the "Turbulent Jungle" map before the game hits shelves on May 11.

As we previously posted, you should download this demo even if the game doesn't interest you.  Why?  It's for a good cause.  If the Lost Planet 2 multiplayer demo is downloaded a million times before May 5, Capcom will contribute $20,000 to charity.  The specific cause of the charity will be decided later (more details in the press release). 

Get to it!
Previously exclusive to select community members and available via giveaways on various websites, the Lost Planet 2 Multiplayer demo is now available for download via Xbox Live and tomorrow on PlayStation Network. Featuring the Turbulent Jungle Map, one of the ten maps available on the retail disk, the Lost Planet 2 Multiplayer Demo previews the action packed mayhem that consumers can expect when Lost Planet 2 arrives in stores on May 11, 2010.

Downloading the Lost Planet 2 demo also benefits the world with Capcom’s “Kill Big for Charity” program. Capcom is partnering with Music for Relief, a non-profit organization dedicated to disaster relief and disaster risk mitigation, to contribute $20,000 to charity if one million demos are downloaded across both XBL and PSN before May 5, 2010. An additional $5,000 will be added to the pot if an extra 500,000 demos can be achieved. The specific cause to receive the donation will be determined by a celebrity tournament on May 6 in Los Angeles. The winning team of that tournament will choose which Music for Relief program will receive the funds.
Help us achieve our goal by promoting the new Lost Planet 2 demo!

For more information and assets from Lost Planet 2, visit the Capcom Press Center at http://press.capcom.com

For more information on the new Lost Planet 2 demo and the Kill Big for Charity Program please visit http://www.capcom-unity.com/