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Mario Galaxy 2 trailer shows off new gameplay

by: Sean Colleli -
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After being a little let down by the first Mario Galaxy I've been rather hesitant to embrace Mario Galaxy 2. The first game had some good core ideas but in my opinion they weren't pushed to the crazy levels you usually get in Mario games. With this new trailer, courtesy of GoNintendo, we're finally getting a better look at what the sequel is doing and I admit to getting more hyped for it.

As you can see Mario's little red Luma pal can snag coins and hold on to them for emergencies; that would have been a huge help in the first game. It looks like Rosalina is back as well with a more cosmic appearance. I thought she was the only interesting character to show up in Mario for years so I'm glad she's back, but what she's doing is even more interesting--guiding Mario through a particularly hard platforming segment. Could Rosalina be Galaxy 2's version of the "Super Guide" feature from New Super Mario Wii?

Last but not least we have the Cloud Mario powerup. After seeing the concept art I thought this one looked kind of stupid but then again it's all in the execution. It lets Mario make cloud platforms to traverse really wide gaps, which is a pretty cool idea if you ask me. It's also a decidedly god-like powerup to have in a platformer game so I'm guessing it runs out or you can only use it a certain number of times.

I'm slowly warming up to Galaxy 2 and I'm pretty jealous that the cool guys at GoNintendo got some hands-on time with it. It's ironic, in my opinion the original game was a bit overrated but most critics are calling the sequel a glorified level pack, when it actually looks like a much more interesting game. Regardless, we only have to wait until May 18th to find out.
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