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Games we'll miss with the original Xbox Live service gone

by: John -
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While I haven't played a game on my Xbox 360 that uses the original Xbox Live service in a few months, I do wish it would continue. A few months ago I was still playing ESPN NFL 2K5, which I think is still one of the better football games to date. I was surprised at how many people still played it though so it's still got a following.

Cyril lists five of his games on Defunct Games that he'll miss with the original Xbox Live service going dark. No, Halo 2 is not one of them and I'm in one of those camps that didn't play it too much on Xbox Live and won't miss it when it's gone. I think I played it more on the PC really. Cyril's actually got a nice diverse list of games he's going to miss so it's not all about shooters.

Is there a game (besides Halo 2) that you still played on the original Xbox Live service that you are going to miss?
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