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Any Earthworm Jim fans out there?

by: Sean Colleli -
More On: DSi
If you have warm recollections of a certain space-age annelid then you'll be happy to hear that Earthworm Jim is being ported to DSiWare. The game is recreated faithfully but with some new bells and whistles; for instance, it'll use the DSi's cameras to judge your facial reactions and adjust the gameplay accordingly. This is the kind of quirky innovation I wanted to see out of the DSi's cameras, not the casual gimmicks we've been getting for over a year. As for Earthworm Jim, I was never a huge fan because for some reason I remember it being more of a Sega Genesis thing, even though it showed up on the SNES as well. Are there any old fans excited about this? Discuss your nostalgic memories in the comments.

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