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Trine joins the madhouse, goes crazy on Steam

by: Chad -
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Apparently Madballs in Babo: Invasion wasn't the only game that likes to put itself on sale for 75% off. That's right, Trine can be purchased on Steam for only $5.00 until April 26th.  Why this special promotion? 

Well, Trine received an update today that included a new level called Path to New Dawn.  This new level is unlocked after completing the game, has 10 special items to collect and is described as a "unique level with new visuals and challenging gameplay."  Path to New Dawn is now available on Steam and will be released for other PC distribution services at a later time.

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Frozenbyte announces free Trine DLC "Path to New Dawn"
Trine 75% off for one week on Steam

Helsinki, Finland - 19 April 2010 - Finnish game developer Frozenbyte has today released a free DLC level to Trine, its award-winning action-platformer game. The free DLC level, "Path to New Dawn", is now available on Steam and will be released shortly for other PC distributions. To celebrate the release of the free level, Trine is offered 75% off on Steam for one week (April 19th through April 26th).

"We are extremely happy to release this free level. It is our way of saying thanks to our fans and giving back to everyone who has bought Trine," says Lauri Hyvärinen, Frozenbyte CEO, and continues: "As a company, we've had an interesting journey getting this far. I'm sure the path ahead is also full of dangers and traps but we'll do our best to avoid them and continue to bring great experiences to gamers. We've been delighted that so many players have enjoyed Trine so far, and I hope this free level adds a little bit to that enjoyment!"

Path to New Dawn is a unique level with new visuals and challenging gameplay, especially on Very Hard difficulty setting. It also features 10 special items for the player to collect. The level is unlocked and available in the Select level menu once the game has been completed.

"This truly is a tough platformer level: collecting all 10 special items on the harder difficulty settings will be a challenge even for Trine veterans," says gameplay designer Kim Juntunen and continues: "If you would rather just enjoy the level at your own pace, the Easy and Medium difficulty settings are best suited for that. If you're going for the challenge, then I recommend taking advantage of the characters' unique abilities and the many items found in the earlier levels, such as the Resurrection Gem. It's tough but it's definitely worth it – good luck!"

The free DLC is part of Patch 1.07, which also includes a couple of minor additions to the game, such as visible experience bottle information in the Inventory menu for treasure hunters. The patch comes hot in the heels of Patch 1.06, released earlier in April, which among other things removed copy-protection from certain retail versions of the game and improved multi-keyboard and mice support and featured many smaller tweaks and fixes.

For more information on Trine, please visit the official website at http://www.trine-thegame.com/ .

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