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Cue the dramatic music, EVE Online: Tyrannis feature site is live

by: Chad -
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May 18th is so close that we might say it is breathing on our necks.  Or maybe that heavy panting is coming from all of the EVE Online players anxious to get their hands on new content.  Tyrannis, the new expansion for the space MMO, will be released on that day. 

A feature page is now live for EVE Online: Tyrannis.  What is a feature page?  Click here to find out and browse information about the graphic upgrades, 'Need for Speed' Initiative, event landmarks, Alienware AlienFX capability and more.  There's even details for the upcoming EVE Gate, which is a web-based social networking platform that's tied to the game. 

Beware, EVE universe planet-dwellers: things are about to get interesting.
The EVE Online: Tyrannis feature page is now live, announcing the impending May 18th lifting of the universal ban on capsuleer involvement in planetary affairs. Coming then, the pilots of the EVE universe will be free to cast the inhabitants of the planets in the dark shadows of their ships as they survey, build on and exploit the celestial bodies around them for their natural resources. The production line continues as processing plants can refine the materials through towards multiple tiers of production towards valuable end products.

The Planetary Interaction feature will be joined by the first iteration of EVE Gate, EVE Online's web-based social networking platform. In it you can check your in game mail, schedule calendar events and keep up with your contacts, corporation and alliance all in one spot that's accessible anywhere you can launch a browser.

More on these features, and others, are avaible at the EVE Online: Tyrannis feature site: www.eveonline.com/tyrannis