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Splatterhouse extras announced

by: Jeremy -
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Splatterhouse is making its gory return to consoles soon, but Namco Bandai wants to make sure that new players to the series know where it originated from. According to news released by Kotaku the game will contain the original 16-bit trilogy in its original, uncensored form. The original Japanese arcade version of the first game and emulated versions of parts 2 and 3 from the Sega Genesis will be included on the retail disc of the new game.

The new iteration of Splatterhouse has seen a bumpy ride in its development course as the original developer of the game was kicked off of the project by Namco Bandai. Following the release of the contracted developer, Splatterhouse became an in-house project at Namco Bandai and has been on the steady road to release ever since. The game is tentatively scheduled for release later this year...