Halo: Reach beta maps revealed

by: Jeremy -
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In a feature done with IGN, Bungie has announced the four maps that will make up the beta test of Halo: Reach. Launching on May 3, the beta test will include the new maps Swordbase, Powerhouse, Overlook, and Boneyard. The maps being used in the beta were chosen to specifically test certain game types and team sizes.

Swordbase and Powerhouse are the two maps that will occupy the traditional game types like Slayer, Team Slayer, and CTF. Overlook was designed and is being used to test the the new “Generator Defense” game mode. Last but not least, Boneyard is a map that was custom built for the Invasion style game modes. How long will these four maps keep us occupied? Only time will tell as the beta kicks off in just a few short weeks...