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Syberia 2 solves a puzzle, lands on GOG

by: Chad -
More On: Gog.com
Adventure fans should be happy to hear that Syberia 2 has made its way onto GOG.com.  This title has been somewhat difficult to find for PC due to a minimal original distribution.  Syberia 2 is a direct sequel to the original and picks the story up right where the original ended.  You're on a train bound for Syberia in search of the experience of a lifetime.  If it's anything like the original, I'm sold.

It's now available for $10 DRM-free, so pick it up if you are interested.

If you've already finished Syberia, you must be wondering what would happen next. Lucky for you, Syberia 2 picks up exactly where the first part left off. Are you ready to see the journey to the end?

Syberia 2 is an adventure game and the direct sequel to the original Syberia. Both were conceived by Benoît Sokal, an artist known for envisioning enthralling stories and environments in both comics and games. You enter the game on the train which you should recall from your previous adventure with Kate Walker, standing on a train station in the middle of nowhere. Your destination: the mysterious land of Syberia and your travel partner's dream. If you liked the original, you can't possibly go wrong with its sequel. Expect the same, beautiful design, a gripping, deep storyline and memorable characters... Simply one of the best adventure games ever.