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Where is Charlie Murder headed?

by: Jeremy -
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Way, way back, we posted the announcement of Charlie Murder for the Xbox Live Arcade indie games service. The game was supposed to be released in March 2010, which has since come and gone. In a statement to Joystiq, Ska Studios representative James Silva has been quoted as saying that “as of now, Charlie Murder is not on any announced platform.” What?!?!

Ska Studios isn’t really saying much more than that... which leaves gamers with a ton of questions regarding the status of the project. Considering that the game was on display at PAX East, it is obviously not “canceled”. Personally, I want to know what has changed and what exactly Ska Studios has up its sleeve(s). The “any announced platform” if his statement is something that really jumps out at me... does he know something that the general public does not?

Source: Joystiq