Metro 2033's rendering between NVIDIA and ATI cards is an application bug

by: John -
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We know how bad video card wars can be and when one card renders in a lesser quality than another, well you know the fanboys all get in an uproar. HardOCP took a look at an issue involving NVIDIA's upcoming GeForce GTX 470/480 cards and the image quality when playing Metro 2033. At first, it's easy to blame NVIDIA for lowering the quality at a certain setting to increase frame rate.

Not so this time as the developers of the game have a bug in there that affects the rendering. So there's really not an issue here with the drivers or the video cards as 4A will be putting out a patch to fix in this in a few weeks. We can all simmer now down and wait on the next thing to rile up the NVIDIA and AMD fanboys.