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Natal giving developers problems?

by: John -
More On: Kinect
Translated via Google, there might be some issues with Natal that developers are experiencing. Some examples are:
  • A delay of 125ms from body movement to translation on screen
  • If the sofa is too close to the system, it would detect a second person if one is not there
  • Full sunlight or complete darkness would give it issues (I'm guessing for those that play in the dark and only have the TV on)
I'm going to get my first hands on experience at E3 so we'll see how well or how bad it actually performs but let's hope the issues are worked out. There's a lot of hype around Natal and it would really hurt Microsoft if it doesn't deliver a good experience. I don't expect the same from the videos developed but at least non-frustrating experience would be nice.
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