Why I hate April Fools Day: 8-bit Bayonetta

by: Jeremy -
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Personally, I love April Fool’s Day... I usually pull a big ruse on someone in the office each year. As a gamer though, I absolutely hate it the occasion... despise it. I despise it because it is usually on this day that at least one company manages to mock up something that gets me so incredibly excited only to smack me in the face with an “April Fools”. Platinum Games was the company than managed to do it to me this year (well, and the Think Geek DHARMA Alarm Clock, but that is not game related).

Platinum Games, the developer behind some of Sega’s best games in years released a “teaser trailer” for an 8-bit version of Bayonetta entitled BAYONETTA: Angel Land. Granted, the clip is only 22 seconds long, but my mind just runs rampant thinking of all of the other things that could be included in the game. This would make an awesome retro port for any of the current console downloadable platforms or perhaps the Nintendo DS(i). Why must they tease me so? They absolutely nailed the game as a classic port, the music, the style... it is dead on. Personally, I would pay top dollar for this game and am hoping that some third party, indie programmer takes the premise and brings it to life... even if just in flash form.

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