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The joys of owning your own Battlefield:Bad Company 2 server

by: Chuck -
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Ben Kuchera at Ars Technica has posted a great article on why you'd want to spend the money to rent your own Battlefield:Bad Company 2 server.  Besides the obvious control issues there's the joy of building your community, playing with (and getting to know) the people you are playing with and a sense that you're dropping in and out of a never ending battle.

I'm going to be turning in a review of the game shortly but I can honestly tell you that Battlefield:Bad Company has become the prime game I'm playing right now.  Much like sex and pizza the game is good even when it's bad.  Sure the server browser is a bit sluggish but once you're into a game it's pure FPS multi-player perfection.  I'm going to try and hop on the Ars server this week so be on the look-out for FalconGN if you're looking for a solid teammate (stop rolling your eyes John).