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Magic and Bird return to the court

by: Jeremy -
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As you have no doubt heard about by now, NBA Jam is coming back thanks to EA Sports. The classic arcade basketball game is coming into the new generation with a new Nintendo Wii game this fall, Big Head mode(s) and all. While a majority of your time with the title will likely be spent playing multiplayer (that is what you mainly do with NBA Jam, right?), there will be a “Classic Campaign” mode for you to traverse as well.

The Classic Campaign mode will take you through all of the teams in the NBA, starting with the worst and making your way up to face off against the 2010 NBA Champions. Once you make your way to the top of the league though, you will not be finished. EA has announced that the bosses of the game will be the historic duo of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. Hopefully the duo will be playable in the game as well, perhaps after you beat them. I also have high expectations for the roster of hidden and special characters in the game as the series is known for including some outlandish characters hidden in the game somewhere. The classic games always had Bill and Hillary Clinton, so surely they will include the Obamas, right!?!?!

Source: MTV Multiplayer