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Elites are bigger, faster, stronger and you too will fly

by: John -
More On: Halo: Reach
Bungie has their latest update on Halo: Reach out giving you more info on all things Reach. Some of the new info are that Elites in the game will be fast and more powerful as well as being bigger physically. There's a chance in damage done to those about to lose their shields. The example they give is that if you have 5 points of shield left and you do 10 points of damage, the extra 5 no longer carries into the health of the opponent. It's an interesting change and one that I do agree upon after I thought about it.

One of the new dynamics is evading where you can roll in a direction. I used to try this out on an Unreal Tournament mod back in the day and it was disorienting at times but fun nevertheless. I did start using the dodge mechanic in that game after a while so perhaps the evade will be useful in that sense and maybe get you to an opponent quicker and in a more compact manor than running.

Finally, here's a look at a player using a jet pack.