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THQ says Saint's Row 3 is amazing, next Red Faction's got some cool upgrades

by: John -
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Danny Bilson, THQ's core games VP, told CVG that Saint's Row 3 is "mind-blowing" while they were conversing in New York last weekend. There was also a mention of the next Red Faction game as well talking about how insane the upgrades were going to be.

This actually echoes the same thing I heard at a THQ press event last year when one of the THQ PR folks had a little too many and was talking about some of their upcoming stuff. Saint's Row 3 was mentioned and he was saying how incredible it was turning out. I was a fan of the last one seeing how crazy it was and the co-op was extremely fun. So, hearing the news of a third game and being "mind-blowing" does have me excited a little bit.