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Nintendo opens up PC store front

by: Jeremy -
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 Do hate navigating the clunky interface of the Nintendo’s Wii Shop Channel? I know that I do, and it looks as if Nintendo is at least starting to listen to gamers’ complaints. Nintendo has launched ShopNintendo through their official web site which allows gamers to purchase Virtual Console and WiiWare titles from the comfort of their PC to be downloaded onto their console at a later date and time.

While it sounds good enough in theory, what is accessible to the public right now is less than useful. Currently, the store only offers access to 2 titles for purchase: super Mario Bros. 3 for the Virtual Console and Pokemon Rumble for the WiiWare. Hopefully Nintendo will update the feature to give access to all of the titles available through the Shop Channel… because what is offered now just doesn’t make much sense.

Source: GoNintendo
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