What does THQ have in store for Metro 2033?

by: Jeremy -
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 Gamers who have played THQ’s Metro 2033 since its release earlier this month may have noticed that there was a title update available the first time that they booted up the game. What’s this?!?! Did THQ ship a broken game?!?! No, no… not at all… THQ explains it all on the game’s Facebook page.

According to THQ, the title update serves 2 purposes. First off, and perhaps the most noticeable, it adds the option for a circular equipment selection screen. Without the update, gamers are limited to using the PC versions equipment selection interface. While it works fine on a PC with all of those useful keyboard buttons, it actually translates into a clunky interface on the console. After the update, 360 games can select to use a circular weapon select which allows for quicker and more convenient switching between weapons.

Aside from the new weapon selection style, the update also “preps” the game for upcoming DLC. What exactly that means? Who knows… the development team has stated that DLC is in the works and will not consists of new chapters or multiplayer. What else could they have up their sleeves than?