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The weapons and Viral Suits of Lost Planet 2

by: Jeremy -
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 Capcom is hoping to get gamers excited for the upcoming Lost Planet 2 with the new trailer showing off the various weapons and Viral Suits included in the game. The first game ranks as one of my favorite games from the current generation of consoles, even though the general gaming public didn’t exactly feel the same way. Capcom was not dismayed by the reception of the original and decided to move forward at full speed with the sequel.

The new trailer, shown below, shows just what Capcom is doing with the original game in order to address the concerns and complaints many had with the first Lost Planet. It seems like they have taken the original formula of the first game and injected it with action, action, and more action. While I am basing this solely on what I have derived from the footage I have seen of the game, the desolate and open feel of the title seems to have been ditched for highly explosive and over the top action. That sounds like a winning combination to me! Lost Planet 2 will ship to retailers this May…