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Torchlight is $5, why don't you own it yet?

by: John -
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If there was ever a $5 that's well worth the money, it's Torchlight. Fans of Diablo or any RPG should really pick this up at this price. Tyler loved it and so should you. Really, what are you waiting for? Don't just sit there. Fire up Steam, pull out your credit card, and purchase this game right now. I mean right now! Don't read this any further. Just go and buy it.

Are you you still reading this? If so, that means you either own it and have played it but if you don't, you need it. If you need it you don't have it so you better go get it. If you have it then you want to play more of it and if you play more of it then you really don't need to go purchase it in the first place.  If you know someone who doesn't have it and doesn't own it you should share it with them to show them how much they need it to have one of their own.
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