Metro 2033 deserves your love (and gaming dollars)

by: Chuck -
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We all know that God of War III is the big release of the week and there's no denying that the game is awesome (see John's review).  However I'd like to remind everyone that Metro 2033 is also out this week and if you are looking for a cool FPS game to play then you really should check the game out.

I had hoped that THQ would push Metro 2033 back a few weeks to give the title some room to breath but for whatever reason the game is still going on sale this week.  This is a shame as the game is breath of fresh air in a fairly stale industry.  The game isn't perfect as the early reviews indicate the shooting is a bit weak and the game is still horribly difficult but those who pick up the game anyway are going to be rewarded with one of the more interesting games we've seen in years. 

Our review copy arrived yesterday and Jeremy is going to be doing the review for the site but I'm still going to try and pick up the game to play through it when I find the time as I think it's worth it to support developers who are doing new things.