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New NBA Jam trailer is ON FIRE!

by: Jeremy -
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 The first gameplay trailer for EA's upcoming NBA Jam debuted on Gametrailers last week.  There is not really a lot that can be said... it looks like the classic NBA Jam that many of us know and love.  This remake / rebirth looks as if the series is truly returning to form.  The trailer shows an assortment of classic dunks and many of the trademark announcer screams that were present in the original classic(s).  I really like the fact that they are going back to the classic graphical style too, although it has received an upgrade.  Gone are the 3D models that the series moved into when it switched to the Showtime title(s) and back are the plain and simple 2D sprites.  The facial animation and expressions look like they are what is going make this game... they look hilarious.  The game is set for release this coming fall on the Nintendo Wii.  Until then, check out the debut trailer: