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Torchlight on the home consoles? Yes please...

by: Jeremy -
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 Runic Games CEO Max Schaefer has stated at this year's GDC that they are "going to put some serious effort into it, pretty quick, getting Torchlight onto consoles."  Such a move would be a major "win" for gamers worldwide.  Torchlight was on the top of many people's GOTY lists for 2009 and was a game that was an absolute steal for the price point in which it was offered.
Schaefer also commented that there were many "cool things about the console world, too, that would work well with our game".  We can only begin to speculate what exactly is meant by that statement.  Multiplayer?  Online?  Ease of distribution for DLC?  The possibilities are endless.  Having already bought the PC version of Torchlight, I would not hesitate to buy a console port of the game as well.
Source: Joystiq
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