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Left 4 Dead Digital Comic headed to XBL

by: Jeremy -
More On: Xbox Live Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead 2
 So, we already know that the original Left 4 Dead survivors are about the cross paths with the new survives from the sequel courtesy of the upcoming DLC "the Passing".  The question that arrives though is how exactly did they get to the point where those paths will cross.  Valve and Microsoft hope to answer those questions for you in the form of a digital comic that will be hitting the Xbox Live service.
Valve is releasing a comic which will bridge the two stories and it will only be available in downloadable form (as of now).  The comic is due to hit prior to the release of the DLC, which hits later this month.  There has not been any price point attached to the product either, which could be a sign of it being free... I can hope can't I?
Source: OXM