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U.S.: No 3D Arkham Asylum for you!

by: Jeremy -
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 I hope that you didn't get too excited about the recent announcement(s) of the Game of the Year Edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum for the PC.  If you did, a story from Joystiq is about to crush all your hopes and dreams.  Warner Bros. recently announced the new edition of the game  for later this year and noted that it will include all new 3D capabilites.  There is a catch though according to Joystiq, it is only coming to Europe, Asia, and Australia.  
What?!?!? Why?!?!?  I am not sure that I understand, or can understand, any reasoning behind this decision.  Surely the announcement of a North American version is eminent... right?  It has to be.  Maybe I am just in denial at this point... but at least as of this morning, the U.S. is not getting this edition of the game.  Warner Bros. also noted that the new feature(s) would be exclusive to that edition of the game and not something that will be added to the existing installations via an update.  
Source: Joystiq