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Microsoft will show its full Natal lineup at E3

by: John -
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IGN has a report saying that Microsoft's CEO of their Entertainment and Devices division expects to have their full lineup of Natal enabled games at E3. This isn't too surprising as the camera is suppose to be out in the Fall. Not much as been said on what games will be using it other than Fable III.

Natal has seem to have signed up a good amount of developers since being announced according to the CEO so I'm curious to see who has decided to product a game as well as what type of game it is. Now, I'm sure we'll get our slew of mini games but I hope that we get some good things coming out to utilize the camera system. Developers had at least a year, maybe more to come up with something so when E3 rolls along, we'll see what they truly have to entice us with.
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