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Devil May Cry 4 figures raise the bar

by: Jeremy -
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 My love for replica (gaming) figures isn't a secret... I have done plenty of postings on various figure releases throughout the industry.  Last week, Square Enix and Hobby Search revealed their newest creations in Japan, focusing on the Devil May Cry 4 series with what may be some of the of the best figures I have seen.  The companies are releasing a duo of figures, in the form of both Nero and Dante, in an incredibly detailed form.  
The Dante figure clocks in at around 10 inches and Nero at about 8";  both are currently being offered for preorder for $43 (converted) through the Hobby Search website. Both figures are incredibly detailed, armed to the T with weapons, and are highly posable.  How can you choose one over the other?  Both are extremely impressive and would definitely look awesome sitting on my desktop.

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