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Windows Mobile 7 game that continues where you left off on 360

by: John -
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OK, this is getting excited. Here's a video of Eric Rudder demonstrating a  game he developed using Visual Studio that shares 90% code with two different platforms: Xbox 360 and mobile. What's really cool shown in the video is that he plays this little platform game on his mobile phone, which I am assuming is a Windows Mobile 7 Series phone being that that OS has Xbox integration built in. So he plays it and he dies. 

Firing up the Xbox 360, it knows exactly what level he was playing and stopped at on his phone and continues right where he left off. Isn't that slick? Imagine playing a game of Zuma on your phone on your way home. When you sit down on your 360, you fire Zuma up and you continue right where you left off. 

Developers can now create games that span multiple devices without having to re-write large portions of the game as you can architect the game to share much of the core game logic. Of course, this won't work for all types of games but the possibilities are pretty damn awesome.

I'm guessing you can also do a PC version as well so that would be pretty awesome to have one code base for three different platforms

Thanks Engadget.

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