NHL 2K11 to be Wii exclusive

by: Chuck -
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The folks at Joystiq have found out that NHL 2K11 is going to be exclusive to the Wii next year so that the developers can take a year off from the 360/PS3 versions to build a better product for 2012.  Here's the money quote:

"We want to become a stronger competitor in this category and taking a year off on PS3 and Xbox 360, while focusing on making the best possible game for Wii, should allow us to accomplish that goal."
The move is certainly an interesting one although necessary as the 2K series has lagged behind the EA NHL franchise for the last three to four years.  I do have to wonder if they are going to try to leverage some of their knowledge of motion based hockey games on the Wii to take advantage of Arc/Natal in 2012 but this is a major but necessary concession for 2K.