Another look at Street Fighter IV iPhone

by: Jeremy -
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 Even to this day, I sit here and shake my head wondering how exactly Capcom is going to pull it off.  The fact is they have and Street Fighter IV is headed to the iPhone very soon.  Even in the bite-sized form, the game looks impressive and could arguably be called the best looking game on the iPhone platform.  Now, let's just see how the control scheme(s) play out on Apple's portable device(s).
There is a little bit of new information that can be drawn from the latest batch of screenshots Capcom has released on the game.  The most notable, to me at least, is the inclusion of what appears to be a challenge mode.  The console version(s) if the game included an incredibly difficult challenge / training mode for each of the playable characters and the portable version looks to have something remotely similar.  It appears that the mode in the iPhone version will contain battle specific requirements to clear various challenges, rather than difficult strings of move combinations.  Then again, the combination challenges may be in there too...

You can check out the latest shots of the game below: