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Microsoft uses Twitter to help solve your Xbox 360 problems

by: Chuck -
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One of the things we learned about at the MVP summit two weeks ago was how Microsoft is using Twitter to help customers solve problems they have with their Xbox 360.  In addition to having an online website full of support information you can now follow/ask questions of @XboxSupport on Twitter to get answers to any problems you are having with your Xbox 360/Live.  Of course you have to keep it under 140 characters but it's an interesting way to provide live tech support.

The Twitter account is monitored by a team of seven people during the day (business hours are posted on the account) so your questions are being answered by real people instead of an automated drone.  The account is worth following if only to get random news about the Xbox 360 platform as well as the odd chance to win prizes.

What do you think about this latest attempt at support?  Is this something you'd ever consider using or not?  Let us know in the comments.
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