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Many PlayStation 3 consoles not working

by: John -
Hey, we all get bitten by bugs and it seems the PlayStation 3 is as well. Many, many folks are reporting that they can't login online and it's also preventing some games from being played even if you aren't connected. Yeah, that's not good. Right now Sony says they have narrowed down the issue and are working on a solution.  The last update on Sony's Twitter page was 11 hours ago so this doesn't seem to be a quick fix type of deal. 

Those with the slim units don't seem to be affected. I have one of the original 60GB ones but I haven't tried to turn it on since Saturday. Hopefully, we get something done soon as I'd hate to go home to try out Heavy Rain only to be greeted by the error screen later today.

-Update by John- Yes, my PS3 is down for the count because of this bug.