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More Red Steel 2 speed art: Tamiko

by: Sean Colleli -
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Thematically, Red Steel 2 is a fusion of the Samurai code and swordfighting of the far east, and the wild desert gunslinging of the old west. That combination carries over to the partnership between the lone hero of Red Steel 2 and his tech-savvy support, the lovely Tamiko. In this second piece of speed art, she can be seen holding a voodoo doll over a dragon-adorned kiln with a pair of chopsticks. I have a feeling I'm going to like this Tamiko.

There's still time to become a fan of Red Steel 2 on its Facebook page. If you do, you'll be entered into a drawing to receive one of five prints of this artwork. I know I'd like a piece of swag from what promises to be one of the year's biggest games, especially one that would look so stylish on my wall.