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Pick your Battlefield bracket and win $10,000

by: Chad -
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In other Battlefield: Bad Company 2 news:

Who needs basketball March Madness when we can have Gamestop Battlefield Bracket Challenge Madness?  Sixteen teams playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will compete in a single elimination race to the top.  A team is comprised of a celebrity or athlete captain, two Major League Gaming professionals and two amateur gamers.  They are playing for a $25,000 donation by EA to the team's charity of choice.

That's gaming for a good cause, which makes it great.  You can get involved by choosing who will win.  Just click here to learn about the teams and submit your Gamestop Battlefield Bracket.  Taking two minutes to do so could win you some prizes up to and including $10,000.  Winning free stuff for a few clicks of the mouse?  Count me in!
GameStop Battlefield Bracket Challenge Unveils
Teams, Team Names and Charities

Feb. 24, 2010 – The lines have been drawn for the GameStop Battlefield Bracket Challenge, and it’s time to visit www.GameStop.com/BattlefieldBC2 to pick your winners and enter for a chance to win prizes, including a grand prize of $10,000.

Each of the 16 teams in the GameStop Battlefield Bracket Challenge is captained by a different celebrity or athlete, two Major League Gaming professionals serving as team sergeants and two amateur gamers selected by Electronic Arts. These 16 teams will compete in a bracket-style tournament in the Squad Rush multi-player mode until only one team is left standing (Squad Rush is available exclusively for 30 days to GameStop customers who pre-order Battlefield: Bad Company 2 before March 2). To the victor belong the spoils, as the winning team gets bragging rights as well as a $25,000 donation by Electronic Arts to the team’s charity of choice.

The official team names, captains, charities and the pro gamer team members (as identified by their gamertags) for each of the four brackets are as follows. Complete team profiles and bios can be found at www.GameStop.com/BattlefieldBC2. Online bracket selection closes March 4.

First Bracket:
• Team O-H-N: Captain Chad Ochocinco (NFL star), playing for Feed the Children, pro gamer team members Jet Steele and Soldi3R187
• Team Philly Eagles: Captain DeSean Jackson (NFL star), playing for a cure for pancreatic cancer, pro gamer team members Problem and Big Tymer
• Team 28 Guns: Captain Marshall Faulk (NFL legend), playing for MF Foundation, pro gamer team members Bestman and SK
• Team Can’t be Faded: Captain Andre Berto (WBA Welterweight Boxing Champion), playing for Berto Dynasty Foundation, pro gamer team members Totz and Predator

Second Bracket:
• Team Numero Uno: Captain Matt Cassell (NFL star), playing for Shadow Buddies, pro gamer team members Tsquared and Fearitself
• Team Operation Killers: Captain Patrick Willis (NFL star), playing for Yele Haiti, pro gamer team members Killa and Elamitewarrior
• Team PA All Stars: Captain Donnie Edwards (NFL star), playing for Jump 4 Life, pro gamer team members Victory X and Neighbor
• Team Keibler’s Elves: Captain Stacy Keibler (actress, Dancing with the Stars, former wrestler), playing for UNICEF, pro gamer team members Maniac and Legend

Third Bracket:
• Team McNasties: Captain Matt Lanter (actor, 90210 star), playing for the Alzheimer’s Association, pro gamer team members Tizoxic and Destin
• Team Cross Fighters: Captain Shaun Sipos (actor, Melrose Place), playing for the American Red Cross, pro gamer team members Defy and Clutch
• Team ZERO 1: Captain Hal Sparks (comedian), playing for the Lili Claire Foundation, pro gamer team members Walshy and Sharpshot93
• Team Buck Shots: Captain AJ Buckley (actor, CSI: NY), playing for Operation Smile, pro gamer team members Flamesword and Snipedown

Fourth Bracket:
• Team Charlie Angels: Captain Charlie O’Connell (actor, the Bachelor), playing for Reading is Fundamental, pro gamer team members Hysteria and Ghostayame
• Team Winona Ryders: Captain Perez Hilton (gossip columnist/TV personality), playing for Lambda Legal, pro gamer team members Cloud and Strongside
• Team YOWZA!: Captain Greg Grunberg (actor, Heroes), playing for the Epilepsy Foundation, pro gamer team members Cpt. Anarchy and Lunchbox
• Team Little Monsters: Captain Tristan Wilds (actor, 90210), playing for Yele Haiti, pro gamer team members Legit and Rambounit