Nintendo summit reveals major release dates for Mario, Metroid, others

by: Sean Colleli -
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Nintendo is currently running a media summit in San Francisco, and the latest news to come out of it reveals a few release dates for major titles.

First up is Super Mario Galaxy 2, which will be out on May 23rd. The long awaited Sin and Punishment 2 won't be far behind on June 7th, and ending the summer with a bang, my personal most-anticipated-game Metroid Other M will drop on June 27th.

Of course this is in addition to a Monster Hunter Tri/Classic Controller Pro bundle on April 20th, some eagerly awaited DSiWare titles like Ghostwire, Photo Dojo and Cave Story, and of course other big third party titles like Red Steel 2. I'm sure new media for all these titles will appear online throughout the day, so keep your eyes pealed for new screens and trailers.

Nintendo gaming has always gone in peaks and valleys, but even the first half of 2010 is uncharacteristically big for Wii owners. It looks like Nintendo is finally trying to change the perception of their console in a big way by bringing so many quality titles out in such a short timespan. In any case gamers can look forward to a crazy spring and summer 2010.