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Natal to hit in October?

by: Chuck -
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Microsoft let Jonathan Ross play around with the Project Natal technology yesterday.  That's the good news for Microsoft.  The bad news is that he tweeted yesterday that Microsoft has until October to get the technology right.  That's not a formal release date but it does seem to indicate that Microsoft will be releasing the Natal device (or whatever it's going to be called) in the October time frame.

I did get to check out the Natal stuff last week at the Microsoft MVP summit.  Due to NDA restrictions I can't say anything particular about the experience but I was somewhat impressed by what I saw.  I had a lot of misgivings about the technology going into the presentation but what I saw got me a bit excited about the technology.  It's not perfect but it's engaging stuff if Microsoft can deliver on everything they promised (big IF there).

Thanks to VG247 for the info.
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