Shooter Fiesta 2010... for Japan

by: Jeremy -
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 Microsoft isn't ready to throw up the white flag in Japan just yet. It is common knowledge that the company has struggled with both of their consoles in Japan, losing out in a major way to both Nintendo and Sony. The House that Bill Built isn't ready to give up without a fight though and is trying to cater to the fans in Japan as much as possible. One way that they are looking to do so is with the recently announced Shooter Fiesta 2010. One of the most popular genre's of games in Japan is the shooter genre, which was mildly popular here in the States back in the mid-90's, but never to the level of popularity that it has reached overseas. Microsoft knows this and acknowledges this and is hoping that their lineup of shooter games for the Xbox 360 can bring some new fans over to their console.

On February 27, Microsoft is holding what they have dubbed "Shooting Fiesta 2010" in the famed (gamer-wise) Akihabara district of Japan. They will be showing off many of the current and upcoming shooter titles available on the Xbox 360. The current lineup of games includes the following:
  • 0 Day Attack on Earth
  • After Burner Climax
  • EspGaluda II Black Label
  • Ikaruga
  • Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi Extra
  • KOF Sky Stage
  • R-Type Dimensions
  • Raiden IV
  • Raystorm HD
  • Senko no Ronde Duo
  • Senko no Ronde Rev. X
  • Shooting Love 200X
  • Triggerheart Excelica
This list only contains the announced games... who knows what Microsoft may bring along as a surprise reveal for the event. We have seen a hand full of these games hit the system over here in the states, and those that have come stateside are arguably some of my favorite, like Ikaruga and Triggerheart Excelica. It is my hope that we see more of the titles on this list make their way to North America as well...