Microsoft finally realizes Live Anywhere with Windows Phone 7 Series

by: Chuck -
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Remember Live Anywhere?   Microsoft announced the plan to have Xbox Live across every platform way back in 2005 and it was the ability to get Xbox Live on your Xbox (check), your PC(check), and your cell phone (FAIL).  Well Microsoft has finally brought their online gaming platform to their mobile line with Windows Phone 7 Series (say that fast five times).

It looks like you'll not only be able to access your Live information via your phone but play games (and earn achievements) as well.  The interface looks like they taking the Zune interface to the next level (which isn't much of a surprise even though it's a bit tough to learn at first).  The hardware behind the devices will also be pretty impressive (much more powerful than the iPhone although that's not saying much) which should allow for some fairly good looking games.

The big part of the equation now is how many developers are going to hop on board the Windows Phone 7 Series bandwagon.  I'm guessing the device will support XNA games but Microsoft is still holding back the reigns on the Zune App platform.  If Microsoft can release a solid API and get some big name developers on board they might be able to make some inroads on the Apple iPhone.  It will be interesting to see what shakes out but it's nice to see Microsoft finally get around to delivering the goods on the mobile platform.

Update (Chuck) - added image from Microsoft