Two Worlds II screens show off some moves

by: Dan -
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TopWare has released a batch of four new screens for Two World II. They show off some of the caverns within Pinacotheca, as well as two shots of the movement of the characters. The game looks like an upgrade over the original, and will have over 60 sq Kilometres of landscape on the surface. Checkout the screen and let us know what you think.


New Two Worlds II Treasures from Behind the Locked Doors of Pinacotheca

Las Vegas, February 12th 2010 – Despite the massive landscape which spans over 60 square kilometres of rolling grasslands, murky swamps, and sprawling cities, images of the upcoming RPG epic Two Worlds II have only to date only scratched the surface of beautiful world of Antaloor…literally. Deep underground there lie cavernous mines rich with precious Veritas crystals, the ancient twisting catacombs of long forgotten cultures, and shadowy dungeons adorned with remnants of countless tortured prisoners.

Available today at are four brand new screenshots exhibiting the dark air of mystique present in these locales. Additionally two all new MoveshotsTM are shown in the Pinacotheca, providing a brief glimpse into the gameplay action itself. However with every great reward comes a challenge, and access to these treasures is no different. Do you have what it takes to pick the lock to the doors of Pinacotheca and gain access to these riches?
You will also find the screens in the attachment.