More Halo: Reach screens than I know what to do with...

by: Jeremy -
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 What else can I really say?  Like the series or not, you have to admit that Halo is big... HUGE actually.  Microsoft is gearing up for what they anticpate being the biggest and best Halo game yet, Halo: Reach.  Chuck posted the X10 announcement concerning the launch of the multiplayer beta yesterday, which begins on May 3, 2010.  Microsoft promises more of the quality multiplayer experiences that we have grown to love over the years with the previous Halo games, as well as a ton of new enhancements and features.  Everything that we are familiar with will be making its return: saved films, screenshot capabilities, online and offline support, and a ton more that is yet to be revealed.
As big as the multiplayer portion of the game is, the campaign promies to be just as epic.  Halo: Reach tells the story of Noble Team, a historic team of Spartans, and their final stand to stop the fall of Reach.  Each member of the Noble Team has their own specific talents and gear that will need to be utilized in order to be successful.  It is up to the player to battle through the last, epic battles of Reach either alone or with three friends (cooperatively).  In the mean time, take a look at some early shots from the campaign portion of the game: