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Heads up, we are approaching the Passing...

by: Jeremy -
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 Valve wanted to give everyone a heads up at yesterdays X10 event in San Francisco that we are coming up on the Passing.  No, not a physical landmark silly, the next installment in the Left 4 Dead 2 series of DLC.  The Passing will be hitting both the PC and the Xbox 360 sometime in late March and will introduce the new fearless-foursome to the classic quartet from the original game.  I cannot wait to hear what Francis hates this time around as he, Zoey, Bill, and Louis assist the current survivors in third part of the new campaign as non-playable characters.  The add on will also introduce a new infected to the game as well, the Fallen Survivor... guaranteeing to mix things up a bit.
Left 4 Dead 2 isn't the only game in the series getting an update though, as Valve announced that there will be an additional content add on for the original game which ties the stories of both games together.  There were not any specific details revealed about the DLC for the original game, just a basic "its coming" announcement".  Each piece of content will only be compatible with its associated game.  Did you really expect any different?  While we wait for more details to come forth, take a look at the official shots released for the Passing: