Gamestop’s Red Dead Redemption pre-order exclusive details emerge

by: Dan -
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Back in early December, Chad posted about Gamestop’s Red Dead Redemption pre-order rewards and that a unique outfit would be unlockable in the game. Yesterday, Rockstar released some more details and announced the voting process to determine which of the three outfits with their unique capabilities John Marston can upgrade with. The choices are:

Savvy Merchant – Buy guns and ammunition from any gunsmith for half the cost
Expert Hunter – Receives double the amount of skins and hides from hunting
Deadly Assassin - Regenerates "Dead Eye" targeting twice as fast
All three of these are unlockable by completing bonus side missions in-game, but it never hurts to have a leg up at the outset. Gamestop's voting process for which one to offer has begun, so head over to the voting page by February 17th to put your two cents in and maybe win a prize or two:

“Eligible voters will be entered into the Red Dead Redemption Referendum Sweepstakes. We are giving away $100 GameStop gift cards every day during the vote. One lucky fan will win a trip to the Wild West complete with a ride on the Grand Canyon Railway."

As of this morning, here is where the vote stood:

Current standings:
The Savvy Merchant: 19%
The Deadly Assassin: 58%
The Expert Hunter: 23%