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Bioshock 2 gets a launch trailer

by: Chuck -
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Here's the Bioshock 2 launch trailer that's completely gameplay footage free.  Instead we get a nice chunk of pre-rendered footage that shows off a lot of what we already know about the game (you play as a Big Daddy and you have plasmids) as well as introducing the Big Sister character. 

I've started playing the game and it's interesting so far.   I can't talk to much about it as I'm only about 90 minutes in but the game feels familiar and different at the same time.  I have mixed feelings on the first game and I'm interested to see how those are addressed within the game.  Like Cyril I'm interested to see if they can expand the universe and deliver some kind of commentary on society within the game without becoming that is just a cash in on a franchise name.  Look for my review on Tuesday when the embargo is lifted.