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PlayStation 3 news from GDC

by: John -
Well a few more details leaked out today from GDC about the PlayStation 3.  Phil Harrison, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios President, gave some interesting news on the online service as well as the console.
  • The best part is that it's going to be a free service but it will support microtransactions and third party subscriptions of course. It's most likely going to be ad supported but games are moving to ads in games anyways. 
  • There was no confirmation if the HDD will be included in the pack but Phil did say all games will use the HDD. To me, it would be pretty stupid not to make the PS3 have a HDD included in the bundle but then again we are talking about Sony who has done some less than intelligent things in the recent past.
  • Full backwards compatibility will be there from the get go and that's not suprising considering the history of the Sony machines.
  • All the games will be region free so if you want to import that really weird Japanese game to play on your PlayStation 3 you can do so without any problems. You might run into a problem if the game doesn't support your TV mode such as NTSC or PAL.
  • The boomerang design of the controller will probably not be the final design. Look for some more info at E3.
  • Launch titles will be announced at E3.
A lot more info can be found on Kotaku as well as IGN.