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The PSN 10 for 2010 Sale... actually 12 for 2010

by: Jeremy -
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 Sony has updated the official PlayStation blog with news of a PSN sale to celebrate 2010 in style.  There are 10 12 games currently on sale through the PlayStation store which have had their prices reduced by 50% through January 27, 2010.  CAG is also reporting that Amazon is matching the prices through their website as well.  So, if you are in the market for some new PSN games, here are 10 12 deals that you may want to look into:

PlayStation 3 games:
Braid $7.49
Burn Zombie Burn $4.99
Critter Crunch $3.49
Gravity Crash $4.99
Tank Battles $3.49
UNO $3.99
ZEN Pinball $4.99

PlayStation Portable games:
Crystal Defenders $4.99
Crystal Defense $3.99
Kurulin Fusion $2.49
Savage Moon- The Hera Campaign $4.99
Thexder Neo $4.99