It pays to play - Two Worlds II winners announced

by: Chad -
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Last month we posted a news item telling you to get involved on a contest being ran by Two Worlds II.  There was a new winner every day for most of December with prizes consisting of various video game goodness.  The four people that won the largest prizes (a gaming PC, PS3, Xbox 360 or $300 cash) were announced today

One of those names looks very familiar.  Yes, folks, it pays to play.  Someone has to win so why not make it you next time? 
And the winners are...

+++ Thousands of fans who took part in the advent competition +++

First off, a great big "Thank You" to the thousands of fans who took part in our Two Worlds II Advent Calendar Competition! The four main prizewinners with the right answers have now been picked out of the hat... and here they are! The gaming PC (priced at 1,000 US dollars) goes to Jason Gallagher, and the lucky lady with a new PlayStation 3 is Waltraud Maurer. Katharina Born has won the Xbox 360 and the 300 US dollar cash prize goes to Chad Smith. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL FOUR!!